10 clever tips for cat owners

Owning a cat is not difficult at all if you know the main secrets to having it.

If these requirements are met, both the owners and their furry pets will be happy:

A DIY scratching post can be made by wrapping thick rope around the table legs;

These tables will be excellent shelves on which the cat will rest. It is also convenient to store various items for the pet;

To get rid of the unpleasant smell of the cat toilet, you can add some dried green tea leaves to the filling.

A plastic bottle makes a great cat litter scoop.

A terrarium can be used to protect indoor plants from cats. The main thing is that it is heavy and stable, otherwise the animal may become

The cat will not climb on the pot if you put cones on it. Fluffy purrs don’t like to step on bumps.

in slotted tubes. THE MIRACLE OF NATURE will help remove stains and the smell of cat urine.

Cats love to see what is happening outside the window. To do this, they need to make a shelf by the window. You can also use an old small ladder for this. Cover each step with a rug and place it by the window.

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10 clever tips for cat owners