10 cute raccoons that can easily steal your heart

Sociable and curious raccoons are more and more in the lens of pet lovers lately. A small but very dexterous and intelligent predator, it is far from easy for home maintenance.

The owner will have to regularly treat scratches and bites and repair everything that the pet managed to get to. But as a reward for a spaced-out apartment and “battle wounds”, completely touching tricks are enjoyed by the owners and even posted on the Internet, delighting users.

Several of these shots are offered by OUR edition.

1. Do not resist, no one else from my hug did not leave!

2. Shared photo of family dinner

3. When the cold arrives and you want to be “fashionable”

4. When it’s not scary to stick your hand in a predator’s mouth

5. Oh so awkward, so awkward, there are guests in the house and I’m not dressed!

6. Romantic photo session

7. Master, maybe not? Why do you also need to renovate the school?

8 … The most successful cover of a Shrek cat, sorry, the hat is missing!

nine. Men, they are so, they know a lot about rest!

ten. Come on Gena, go straight!

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10 cute raccoons that can easily steal your heart