10 dogs that grew up but didn’t realize it

Sometimes our little brothers, the dogs, become the closest and most faithful friends of a person. They are always there and ready to help if needed.

Literally in a year or two they become adults. dogs and sometimes impress with their impressive size. Take a look at the photos of the funny four-legged friends who are probably not aware of their size and still consider themselves small children. She has a faithful furry protector. The girl has already grown up, but her dog is growing up with her and even faster.

And this dog does not understand at all why his beloved mistress no longer wants to carry the baby in her arms.

The dog is puzzled – everything seems normal, but now the window sill seems somewhat small – it is no longer so easy to put on it

Time has changed both the owner and his faithful four-legged friend. Both of them have gotten older and older in the car in the front seat with their lover. But the times are changing

This fluffy little cutie suddenly became a big, but no less cute dog.

And this is the princess and her guards. The girl has grown up, and the «guard» has clearly become stronger and gained experience. I bought a little puppy but it turned into a huge beast like a real bear!

Before, the owner carried the dog in her arms, but now he can carry it alone.

The changes in these dogs are impressive and surprising. How are your pets changing?

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10 dogs that grew up but didn’t realize it