10 heartwarming photos of pets who found their new home

They say that happiness cannot be bought, but those who think so have never bought puppies. But in fact, you don’t have to buy animals to add happiness and love to your life.

Sometimes you just need to bring home an unlucky wanderer from a shelter or from the street, and believe me, a dog will not always turn into a bundle of love and happiness. Cats can also give love to new owners.

1. “This is my first rescue cat. He knows Earl”

2. “This boy saved me from constant loneliness. He knows Frodo”

3. “Penelope (also known as Penny) was also arrested on the street, like her brother”

4. “Self-isolation has just become too much of an ordeal for me, so now I have this miracle. His name is Bandito

5. “Meet Amy! She is 12 years old and yesterday she moved in with me. I already love her”

6. “The pigsty is our first favorite adopted with the boyfriend.”

7. “This cat was hit by a truck, but I managed to save him. And he really likes to watch TV with me.”

eight. “And this good girl transferred me yesterday from the shelter”

nine. “I took a cat home today! He is already an adult, but he seems happy to find his home.”

ten. “My name is Mac and my new owner just picked me up three hundred miles from his house!”


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10 heartwarming photos of pets who found their new home