10 photos of pets that do not like Christmas at all

December is here… Between everyday thoughts and events, thoughts about the holidays flicker more and more, the memory of how in childhood we prepared ourselves for a miracle every time. And, although we no longer expect magic (not as much as before), nothing will prevent us from making it joyful and bright for loved ones. It is necessary to think about gifts, a menu, buy tangerines and choose an outfit…

Speaking of outfits, don’t forget to buy deer antlers for a dog and a New Year’s hat for a cat, and some of both for the Christmas tree. Sometimes one gets the feeling that Pets have their own accounts with the New Year holidays, worse than that, they work in the Grinch-stole Christmas team and on a voluntary basis! There is nothing more joyous than filling a decorated Christmas tree, ripping off the wrapping of gifts or eating rain, and then suffering from your stomach for three days. OUR editors have prepared a selection of photographic evidence that our little brothers seem to be definitely involved in a conspiracy!

No, I find myself categorically participating in this farce!

Now do you understand what I think of all this?

It is a pity that the photo cannot transmit sound off screen, it seems that the kitten is laughing a lot…

No, imagine! They set him up here, they dressed him up, but the poor kitty ain’t got nowhere to put his sweetie. ! I see you, I’m coming to you…

hard-to-reach places for the «model» Well, wait, you will have a stupid cap and intse photos for the New Year …

Ugh, tired, I’ll rest a bit and start with the flashlights.

New Year’s Eve is canceled – because it’s time for everyone to sleep!

And good? And how long can I go on rejoicing?


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10 photos of pets that do not like Christmas at all