10 small lumps, which are called “palm”

My friend assures me that the cutest kittens are “the size of the palm of your hand.” They are so small that they fit completely in the palm of a girl’s hand. It’s still hard to call them cats

These are just little fluffy bumps. They provoke a wave of tenderness and wonder. If you don’t believe me, take a look and see for yourself.

1. Still a baby, but already a bad!

two . Yes, here it is, near the refrigerator

3 . Ready for 2021!

4. It even has a miniature suitcase. but own

5. Perfect location found

6. The grace and flexibility of an adult cat


7 . Is the sofa too big? Just fine! maybe even more

8. Just look at those eyes! A hat, a hat!

9. How many tails did you count? There are 4 of them here! go get it all

10. There is seriousness and concentration in his eyes!

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10 small lumps, which are called “palm”