10 ways to prolong your cat’s life

On average, the life expectancy of a cat is about 15 years. Pets live a little longer because they have better living conditions.

To ensure that your cat can live a long and happy life, you need to carefully monitor its health. Below are the most effective vet-approved methods and tips.

Let your cat drink more

Cats don’t always get enough fluids, especially if their main diet is dry food. Don’t forget to give your pet clean water to drink. Also, it is worth diversifying the diet with canned food. In extreme cases, water can be added to dry food. cats need exercise

Even lazy house cats need exercise to stay healthy and expend energy. Therefore, try to play with the cat more often or give him the opportunity to play on his own. It is necessary to take care of the fur

Although cats are very clean creatures, they cannot completely clean themselves. Therefore, cuddly toys should be washed, cut and combed properly periodically. pay attention to behavior

Remember that any change in your pet’s behavior or habits can indicate serious health problems. Therefore, in such cases, you should immediately visit a veterinarian. Vaccinate periodically

Be sure to keep all scheduled vaccinations. Such procedures will help avoid a large number of diseases, including fatal ones. Keep your teeth in order

Not only people need to take care of the oral cavity. Remember that cats are predators, and for them a healthy dentition is the key to their survival, even if the cat is completely domestic.

watch your weight

If your pet has lost a lot of weight, then this definitely indicates health problems. This is especially true for cats that live in the house, but at the same time go for a walk on the street. Do not overfeed the cat

On the other hand, too much food is also very harmful for your furry pet. Food should not only be tasty and healthy, but also in moderation. Make sure the cat does not go outside

It is a proven fact that house cats that are not outdoors live several years longer. They are practically immune to infections, and the risk of an accident is much lower. Visiting the vet is key to health

The most important thing is to take your pet to the vet regularly. Remember that most feline diseases are fairly easy to treat in the early stages, and only a qualified specialist can provide a complete exam.

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10 ways to prolong your cat’s life