12 cute, funny and funny photos of dogs that are sure to lift your spirits

Many pet lovers are sure that it is dogs that can change the world for the better. 12 funny stories about animals confirm these words. If it seems to you that your vitality is not depleted, do not despair. Especially for you, we have prepared a selection of positive and cute photos of dogs making you believe that difficulties are temporary. Looking at these good-natured pets, one just can’t help but smile!

1. “Hina did it on purpose. She is always naughty and very cheerful! *) 2. “Suddenly I realized that my 16-year-old pet just needs driving lessons”

3. “There you have it! Ideal location found”

4. “Hi, I’m Billy. He has a strange hobby: keys. I had to give him his own set of keys. Billy is delighted”

5. An apple from an apple tree, or all for mom)

6. “I decided to express my love for the dog in an unusual way. Now I have a new tattoo»

7. “The melting snow helped me solve a very confusing puzzle, or where did the socks go?”

8. Charming handsome men of the same color)

9 . “My dog ​​is 15 years old. Age-related changes led to corneal atrophy. My chihuahua’s eyes have become too sensitive. Now we walk like this. The sight of a pet moves me.”

10 . “My pet cannot give up her favorite place”

eleven. “I feel very uncomfortable in front of my neighbors. My dog ​​managed to crawl through a hole in the fence. An hour later, the pet returned with an unexpected find. Forgive everyone who lost their BBQ meat.”

12. “Encounter an extremely vicious dog. Watch out, attack!”

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12 cute, funny and funny photos of dogs that are sure to lift your spirits