12 funny and unusual encounters with hilarious guard dogs!

Someone cannot live without dogs and is always ready to communicate with them, while others treat them cautiously and avoid contact, which, in general, can be understood. But you never know where on your way you will unexpectedly meet this wonderful animal. The most curious situations happen! Let’s see! Do not bother me!

The old man, immersed in the world of dementia, is very sympathetic to the dog who is bored behind the glass, and decides to draw pictures of him

“This beauty surreptitiously spied on us all the way, carefully concealing surveillance”

The dog displays a recognizable “puppy look”

Connor is an extraordinary dog, period!

Found randomly on the city street

There is no doubt that Max is surrounded by constant care here

Serious Private Property Security – They’re Charming But They Won’t Let You Go

Who lives on the island of Newfoundland? That’s right, black Newfoundland!

It was impossible to walk past such a pretty girl and not play!

Yes, that’s how they drive a car, with a big company of dogs

The neighbor’s dog named Edith likes to come visit her every morning, and it’s not hard for her to wait for permission to enter

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12 funny and unusual encounters with hilarious guard dogs!