12 rebellious cats that are fun to live with

Pet owners know how fun and cool this is! With animals you can fool around, hug, play, be sad and just be silent. Are? But there is a downside to all this, however, like elsewhere. For example, animals often make mistakes and make a mess… So, do not miss the collection of funny photos, whose heroes are wayward cats. These pets do not obey their owners at all and only do what they want. Even the dogs suffered from them! 12 purrs, with which living is continuous fun. Here are the tomboys!

Looks like this dog’s sleeping spot is already taken

The cat took the sofa from the dog. That wily! “What other chess?”

“What about me? Who will play with me? Another lover of affection and attention

“Hey lady, stop reading! Here I am…” It’s not you when you want to drink

Evidently this cat was thirsty… You can see it in his face! The dog the house is temporarily occupied

And no, he is not a dog. But only a stray cat! “What do you want? I sleep here today! already taken… I purr obviously freaked out not like a child

When they forgot to feed you, and you already started taking revenge someone had a lot of fun

True, the owners do not appreciate the effort of the cat. Here are the cheeky ones!

… What to do with them? Only love. Whoops! unpleasant situation

Or is it a bell that it’s time for the owners to change their toothbrush Looks like the cake was delicious

True, your presentation has changed a bit. But everything can happen) “Cheers. I am your new teacher!”

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12 rebellious cats that are fun to live with