12 very cute photos that confirm how important cats are for humans

When there was a war in Stalingrad, a famous photo was taken, in which soldiers want to pet a cat. There is nothing surprising. After all, the cat symbolizes comfort. And so many wanted to caress her. remembering home During the war, many people lost the most important thing, warmth and comfort. And this cat has become a symbol of all that has been lost. And it also vividly showed what exactly people are fighting for.

1. Such a moving moment of insight. Shortly before the alarm sounds, the cat approaches her owner. She wants to snuggle with him for a bit and spend time with him. And in half an hour her man will go to work, and then she can see him only at night.3. This kitten was picked up on the street. After that, they took it to the house where the cat already lived. She, in turn, immediately fell in love with the baby.

4. It is difficult to find something sweeter and more beautiful than this dream.

five. Tiger is a cat who is already 30 years old. This can be compared to the age of 200 years for a human.

6. The man saved the cat, and now the animal fully trusts him.7. At first, our father was against the cat in the house, however, after that, he built a separate house for it. There is also a camera in the house so dad can check if everything is okay with the cat.8. The kitten was very afraid to go out. They had to hide and watch him quietly.

nine. The geologist found a kitten at a distant base in the taiga. However, he decided to take the baby. And now he has a real home. This boy has found a true friend for himself.

10. him Just look at these amazing heart-shaped dots.

eleven. A happy father and his restless heirs. This is the main advantage of working in a veterinary clinic.

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12 very cute photos that confirm how important cats are for humans