15 cases in which it was enough for pets to feel offended by their owners

Pets are always a source of great joy for their owners. However, the carefree days of our pets are not always without sadness and resentment, and it is noteworthy that sometimes for such a state of mind the most ridiculous reason or a mere trifle is enough for them! But every owner has a sure way to make sure that pets can bring fun to our lives even when they themselves are full of discontent. My dog ​​is upset because he is no longer the biggest pet in the house

She was upset because I petted the cat. So I fell asleep in this position

Our Binky doesn’t seem to like the stuffed donkey.

Someone is offended that I sat down to work instead of playing with him on the street, even though we came back from a walk 25 minutes ago

Sometimes the reasons why pets are offended by their owners are so ridiculous and ridiculous that there is no doubt that a person will be able to win his pet back just by scratching him behind the ear or treating him to his favorite treat. The cat is having an existential crisis because my boyfriend (his love of his) is away for two days

She begged me to give her a slice of tangerine, and then she got offended with me because she didn’t like it.

She was offended that I thwarted her ritual of jumping into the bathtub.

She was VERY offended with me because I didn’t let her into the yard to bark at the workers

Smoke is dissatisfied with the fact that today I decided to give him a bath day

Of course, it’s wrong to leave your pet sad, but sometimes seeing your tailed friend offended can be just as touching as seeing them happy and playful.

My sister’s dog was offended at us for not taking her for a walk ku for the 12th time today

I just touched her stomach

She was upset that I sniffed her, and then she was offended that I stopped doing it

I was busy with business and didn’t pay attention

Offended because I didn’t look at it for five whole seconds

Here are 15 more cases where pets were sad for such a ridiculous reason that you empathize with them, but laugh.


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15 cases in which it was enough for pets to feel offended by their owners