15 Cases When Pets Suddenly Looked Pretty Scary

Pets bring joy to their owners, save them from loneliness, make them laugh and hug them. But sometimes they can be scary because they start to look really creepy. And it seems as if some demon has been awakened in your pet dog, and the cat’s eyes glow so ominously in the dark that it gives you the creeps. We have collected for you examples of photos in which furry pets seemed to be preparing to star in a horror movie. Jackson’s smile is somewhat frightening

Killer hides behind a curtain


When you put a pancake on a cat’s face because you think he’ll be cute.

But what you really get is the hero of your nightmares. Why do you need a knife?

When a dog has something devilish

favorite toy

He plays with that head on walks, and he scares the neighborhood kids.

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15 Cases When Pets Suddenly Looked Pretty Scary