15 dramatic cats that need an Oscar

Cats are the most emotional of all animals. After seeing this collection, you will be convinced of this. His reaction to the first snowfall or a ceiling fan is amazing. If you forget to feed or let the cat in, a very gloomy muzzle awaits you.
Every cat in the soul is an actor who deserves his cat Oscar.
1. When the owner got the dog

2. The cat first went out into the snow

3. Very jealous cat

4. Baby, don’t leave me!

5. Before and after the veterinary clinic

6. Cat traveling by car for the first time 7 . “My God, what is this?!”

eight. Then he will take revenge… 9. My cats reaction to the ceiling fan

“Everything is on fire, guys!”

eleven. This is how the cat “loves”  12. “Curse you, villain!”

13. How many emotions!

14. For the first time I took a cat outside with me

fifteen . The look on your face when you forgot to let the cat in and it was out all night

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15 dramatic cats that need an Oscar