15 Examples of the Fashion-forward Allure of Cat’s Claws

There is a community on Reddit called “Murder Mittens”, which can be translated as “Death Mittens”. It is dedicated to the most insidious and formidable weapon in the world: the cat’s claws.
Let’s take a look there!
He is mine now!

Fearfully? He must be scary!

It’s better not to joke with those claws

So small, but there too!

Fear and be afraid!

I have you!

dangerous blows

look and envy

Learn to apply as intended

Handsome, isn’t he?very nice view Do you know how to do nails?

don’t touch my baby

Will I have claws?

Will I have claws?

I am the purring darkness! Terrible and insidious weapon! I know the hard way: the whole childhood was scraped.

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15 Examples of the Fashion-forward Allure of Cat’s Claws