15 funny photos that show how several animals get along in the same house

What could be better than a pet in a home? That’s right, two pets! And the relationship between these cat and dog brothers and sisters is completely different. – All this has a place in the house where various animals live.
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My cat Stanley decided to sit on my new cat Harriet

He has only lived in my house for two weeks and they entertain me daily.
poor Timmy

Veronica constantly uses it as a seat.
royal caretaker

No, we were not wrong. Surely that must be called the one who eats ears.
puppy games

When he realized that he is now not the only dog  in the house

There is always a friend who ruins the photo


This is Love

washing time

best pillow
know your place, cat

fight for a place


We recently took in a 10 week old kitten

I was worried about how our older cat would react to the new tenant. He looks like he has a new favorite game.

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15 funny photos that show how several animals get along in the same house