15 harmful animals that decided to show people and everyone around them that real demons are hiding in them

Pets, like their owners, have two sides: one is white and fluffy and the other is a little less pleasant. Usually our little brothers seem cute, but sometimes they turn their tails towards people and other animals. It is then that its harmful and mischievous essence is revealed, from which there is no salvation. Inverted flowers, sudden kusi, stolen beer – these and other minor offenses can make people offended by animals. But only for a second! 1. “They slept peacefully 3 minutes ago”

2. Kush!

3. Buying a special cat house is definitely a waste of money

4. “Why do you need these bushes? I am the main flower of your life, master! «

5. “He’s on a diet and he doesn’t like it”

6. “This swan has been helping me with self-isolation by walking near my house for the last 3 days.”

Three days ago this creature appeared on our lawn. Everyone who has in any way interacted with these young chickens and cobras knows that they are very aggressive. Pursue relatives who dare to come out. He screams like a dinosaur and always chooses me if he has multiple victims at once. At first I thought the swan was hungry, so I gave it a bucket of water and fed the ducks. Then it flew away, and I thought it had been taken. It turned out that he has a schedule, every day he arrives at 9:45 am and goes about his business, nibbling on the grass and watching the postman. And then at 5pm he flies back to the hell he came from.

7. Hugging a cat with a collar is a dangerous activity

8. “I was glad that the birds are eating the bread that I leave for them.”

9. It’s great to work from home, they said

10. “Can I have a piece too?”

11. “Where is a cat? I don’t know, I didn’t see anything”

12. “I put the beer in the water to cool it down, and the octopus decided to steal it.”

13. “I bought my first flower. It lasted 8 hours «

fourteen. “I was lying quietly in bed and browsing the internet, when suddenly…”‘

15. “After having the cat, the bath is no longer relaxing.”

It is definitely impossible to execute such beauties, so you can only pity them and love yourself more. .

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15 harmful animals that decided to show people and everyone around them that real demons are hiding in them