15 heroic cats that saved the lives of their owners

Animals are man’s best friends. Everybody knows. But when we think of heroic animals, for some reason we always think of dogs. The dogs are in the army, in the police and in customs, they fight against drugs, catch bandits, rescue people from mountains and from rockfalls; in general, they are exceptionally useful animals. But forget about cats: these furry critters can be quite heroic too! Today we bring you several stories of cats that saved the lives of their owners.
1. Wisconsin Pudding

Pudding is a huge cat from Wisconsin weighing almost seven pounds! He lived in a shelter for a long time until he was taken in by a family that included a mother and her baby. It should be noted that the woman suffered from acute diabetes. She one night she had a seizure in the middle of the night, so much so that she couldn’t even call her son! Realizing something was wrong, Pudding ran to the boy’s room and woke him up. The boy called an ambulance for his mother. Thus, the cat saved the life of the owner of it.
2. California tare

Do you think that only dogs chase cats? Ha! Of course not! You haven’t seen a cat named Tara living with her family in California. One day, the little owner of Tara was taking a walk in the fresh air. Suddenly, a neighbor’s dog attacked him. She knocked the baby down and pinned him to the ground with her paws. The brave cat, not afraid of the healthy dog, pounced on him and started biting and scratching. To his surprise, the dog got scared and ran away, and the boy was able to quickly retreat to his house.
3. Mashka of Obninsk

A stray cat from Obninsk named Mashka has become famous throughout Russia and even the world after saving the life of a two-month-old baby that her mother left for dead at one of the city’s entrances. The baby kept warm with Mashka’s body for several hours at a time in the frigid winter before beginning to scream and howl in terror. Neighbors ran to the door and saw the baby. She was rescued. Mashka was then brought to her house by one of the tenants of the house where she was wintering. 4.Sally from Australia
This brave cat saved her owner’s life when a fire broke out in her house. It happened at night. Sally’s owner was sleeping when the apartment caught fire. The cat felt that something was wrong and began to scream loudly, even biting her owner. When she woke up, she immediately scooped her furry pet under her arm and ran out of the flat.
5. Pennsylvania Opie

Pennsylvania cat Opie saved a boy’s life. She lived with a family with a young child, but the neighborhood was quite riddled with crime and there were frequent altercations and even gun violence. And one night there was a gang fight right outside the family home where Opie lived. Someone opened fire and a stray bullet hit the room where the boy was sleeping. It was only by chance that the baby did not die: the bullet hit the cat. By the way, she survived against all odds and still lives with her owners.

6. Unknown Alpine Cat

This story happened in the Alps several years ago. A man was hiking in the mountains and had a bad fall and injured his leg. He was in a hurry to get back to his hotel, but he realized that he was lost and didn’t know the way. A cat appeared out of nowhere. He began to meow demandingly, looking at the man. Then the cat turned around and headed somewhere with a sure step. The tourist followed her and soon went out to the hotel.
7. Jack of New Jersey

One day a thief broke into the house where a cat named Leo lived with his owners. He was about to reach the hiding place of the money when the cat woke up. The watchful guardian began to howl as if he was being stabbed. Of course, everyone in the house woke up. The thief was long gone. They never found him, nor did he have time to steal anything.
9. Welsh Hanger

Percha the cat, who lived with his old owner in Wales, was also quite old. However, despite his advanced age, he had not lost his sense of smell. This saved his life and that of his owner when a gas leak occurred in the house. The cat began to yell loudly to indicate the source of the odor so that the leak could be contained and repaired in time.
10. Louisiana Alligator Fighter

One day a woman named Alexandra, who lived in France, suddenly heard her cat named Mitball screaming loudly and desperately opening the attic door with her paws. When she opened it, she was horrified to see that the attic was on fire and that the fire would soon spread to the rest of the house. Alexandra grabbed the cat from her and managed to escape from the fire, but Mitbol was gone. A few days later he returned, completely unharmed.

  1. Tommy of Columbus

In an absolutely miraculous way, a cat named Tommy saved the life of his disabled owner. The man was in a wheelchair after suffering multiple strokes. One day, he accidentally fell out of his wheelchair. Of course, there was no way he could get back in. Shortly after, rescuers rushed to the house. They helped the man back into the wheelchair. When the rescuers asked who had called the rescue team, they discovered that it was Tommy the cat who had jumped on the table and pressed the call button. And they say that animals are stupid!

  1. Doncaster Smudge

A five-year-old boy named Ethan, from Doncaster, was once attacked by thugs while he was walking in the yard with his cat Smudge. However, the animal was more than a gentle creature, tearing apart the bullies to such an extent that they had to run for their lives to escape the mad cat. As soon as the danger passed, Smudge immediately calmed down and settled himself calmly on Ethan’s lap. .

  1. Lancashire Slinky Malinky


This cat with a strange nickname saved the life of his owner last year. The woman, who had her cat, was in severe pain. The doctors prescribed a strong narcotic: morphine. The morphine was supposed to help ease the pain. However, for unknown reasons, the woman’s body did not take the medication. She has lost consciousness. When she woke up, she could only crawl into bed. She didn’t have the strength to call a doctor. Slinky Malinky came to the rescue. The cat screamed and scratched the walls so hard that the frightened neighbors entered the house. They were the ones who called the barely alive woman to the doctors.

All these wonderful stories show that not only dogs are friends with humans.


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15 heroic cats that saved the lives of their owners