15 photos showing that two animals in the same house – that’s another attraction

Animals are in many ways similar to people, and the relationship of furry brothers and sisters is also not very close. While some cats and dogs get along in the same house with other pets, others perceive them as personal enemies and will not miss the opportunity to show it in some way.
Of course, such hostilities do not go very far, but some owners still manage to capture them on their cameras.
The cat’s reaction to the appearance of the puppy at home


Doesn’t want to share toys

Two Brothers Standard Games

Otis (right) did not want to share the pizza crust with Guenhwyvar (left).
A good boy and his sister not so good


Well, he plays with me!

Get in the nose!

dear brother and sister

Well, where without a bit of a fight

ear hookEven people must be on their guard with their brothers and sisters. After all, they can be those jokers.

The boy decided to stand behind his older relative

10-year-old cat is not happy with the puppy Reaction to the new puppy

Patience, just patience

Owners shouldn’t relax either, because the most cheeky pets are capable of showing their evil side to people.

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15 photos showing that two animals in the same house – that’s another attraction