15 tiny kittens who want to rule the world

This is the case when less is more effective! We are talking about cats of the future – it is while they are small that their effect on people’s hearts is strongest.
It is unrealistic to resist, and now you yourself make sure of it!
cute little ears

We will feed it well and it will grow!


What does it look like? Wow!

The conquest of man has begun!

Size – two sauce packets

Why am I wearing slippers?

Hooray, I caught a man! Mine will be! refrigerator owner

It is simply enviable how he sleeps

So far the banana is bigger

This is what trust looks like

I love you man!

Get ready, soon you will rule the world How to steal a heart without waking up

This is my favourite place!

Their strength is not in their size, but in the impact they have on people! And it has no dimensions!

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15 tiny kittens who want to rule the world